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PR & Social Media Campaign 


Create a PR and social media led campaign that reaches 18-30 year olds. Inspire them to break the ‘I’m fine’ autopilot.


We are “fine” when most times we are not. 


*Being vulnerable is a lot more uncomfortable than simply saying “i’m fine”

Consumer Truth

People feel their issues and emotional responses to them are their own responsibility. 

Brand Truth

Walker’s crisps have been providing moments of delicious crunchiness and smiles to everyone in Britain. 

For decades - Walkers has been around with the mission to provide moments of delicious crunchiness and smiles to everyone in Britain. We want to know how you REALLY feel. 


Give people the time, space and platform to turn off auto pilot find out how they are really feeling.


Dig in to let it out - with Walkers.  


Oct. 10 - Mental Health Awareness Day

Billboard Stunt 

The Walkers' What's Up Board


Silver Lining Speak Out

The Product

Throughout October, special bags of Walkers crisps will also have a hidden message with a QR code inside.

The code will welcome snackers to an online portal where they can SAY. ANYTHING. About how they’re feeling. Totally anonymous. 


For every person accessing the code, we’ll donate 1£ to Comic Relief.
And we’ll Tweet the choicest comments to start a social conversation about how the UK feels right now.


TikTok #VentDuets

The official Walkers account will post fun group reaction videos,

Encouraging duets with us to go ahead and vent a little. 
We’ll be there to hear you out – and snack a little too, probably. 


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